Saturday, July 30

Polymer clay color palettes - 10 of 366 creative days

I found a color palette I made some years ago when I was searching for some color for a water related website, and found some inspired by a blue-green with yellow dots Ceratosoma (7-12) and the Nanny McPhee(1,2,6) movie, that has so strange color combination. I changed it a bit to make it more weird.
Polymer clay color palettes
The first color, that teal, has such a vintage feel, a mixed with some gold leaf or polymer clay metallic gold will be interesting. The colors are a bit different in reality, been a busy day so I forgot to take a picture with the normal light.
I really enjoyed doing this and I am so happy that I managed to do the colors pretty quick, too bad that most of my time was spend conditioning the clay...
If you want to check the recipes for polymer clay mixing colors

Thank you!

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