Thursday, April 14

Crochet jewellry begining - 60 of 366 creative days

   The one that started all. In 2011, when I visited my family and friends, I did this pair of crochet earrings for a friend and the crochet bracelet for  a little girl.
   My friend enjoyed the earrings and she was so positive about all this creative process and what I can do that she insisted and insisted I should continue crafting, not only here and there.
   This pair of earrings made me feel so positive that I decided to start this blog so I can feel more willing to craft more.
Crochet handmade silk earrings
Crochet silk earrings

   Today, after 5 years, I reached again my low point, slightly depressed, cannot find joy in anything I do, I feel tired and demotivated all the time.
   So,"read the signs!" I say. Seems like somehow, history is repeating, someone asked me if I can do consistent crafting so I can start selling, and same time, I found these pictures with these earring and reminded myself how it all started.
   I will put myself to work and get back to my happy creative me!

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