Friday, June 29

Not posting for 9 months...but still being creative

Is been 9 months since I stopped posting but I wasn't less creative. I made some polymer clay earrings, drawings, birthday decorations, some cloth and thread jewelry, and many other little things I can't even remember. Just didn't have enough time and patience to write.
I know is easy to write 3-4 words and throw a picture but I don't like that, I like it well documented, I like it when people can use it and do other nice creative things with it.

What have I learned from doing this blog:
 - even if you do it for only two months, it still helps! My self esteem got so boosted that I applied for a job, got it and kept it. I am learning still but I didn't got bored too fast and when I did I said to myself " I was able to keep up with something that requested more effort for 2 months, I surely can do this for longer"
- because I was able to keep up with it for 6 weeks more than normal I feel like getting back and doing more things, also being less hard on myself and having more fun.
- if you do it for yourself you have more fun and you are less hard on yourself
- start with a smaller project first, it will give you more satisfaction, specially if you finish it

- is ok to continue even you didn't respect the time line:)

So for that I will have a smaller creative project: X ways to use scrap clay (where X will be the number of techniques for using scrap polymer clay).

I also plan to keep up with the project I started as a dedication for the people from who enjoyed my extruded cane pattern tool.

I want also to do something for everyone on that site who have been so nice and cheerful and always so positive about everything I have don, no matter how "not that good" it was. I haven't forgot you:)

Same goes for my favorite Lord of the Rings Online(lotro) role player: Tibba Stoutfoot *hugs*

A lot of ideas, I will take it slow so I won't loose my interest soon.
No pressure and one small easy step at the time to build the confidence!

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