Tuesday, September 6

The tux penguin strikes again - 48 of 366 creative days

  About 4 years ago I have stumbled myself into a cute little thing called Tux penguin, the former logo of Debian Linux. And I loved it so much that I tried to remake it myself in some outfits, unfortunately, with my inability of ending up projects I stopped at two of them, you can see them on flickr: Christmas tux penguin, Romanian flag Tux penguin.
  As a test to myself I did it in Seamless Lite, the web editor for the colour lovers site.
Tux penguin pattern template
Tux penguin colored pattern

  And close to my favorite palettes.  I also made several more palettes and patterns coloring.
  I am thinking that may I should stylize in same style more little animal for the delight of the kids and some of the adults like myself.

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