Thursday, August 11

The four elements - choose colors - 22 of 366 creative days

  While I was diving into my imagination, of course stuck on the tools and materials I have, I decided I should do a longer project with and actual end as a decent to wear jewelry. Will take me few days to finish but is no hurry as long as I will use the tools and materials to achieve the result in my imagination, not vice versa.
  So the pendant/necklace/beads will be about the four elements that surrounds us, a long known and discussed/art-ified subject(I know this word doesn't exist but I like the sound of it).
  I spent most of my day randomly browsing images over the almighty world web and hand picked the four elements colors I will use.
The four elements colors I choose
  I will start work tomorrow on polymer clay color mixing and I plan to test the transparent ones as well.

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