Friday, August 5

Turquoise petals earrings - 16 of 366 creative days

I have done these turquoise flower shaped earrings cause I wanted some testing with some beads I made a while ago and some rings. The end result is cute(I really don't like this word but works here) but is not done, I need a solution to make those beads stay like that instead of spinning and slipping.
I thought of some idea but none was easy but I think I will use the less "invasive" - liquid clay.
Turquoise earrings

I keep looking at all those nice jewelry made by others and ask myself if is easy for them or they got to that result fast and without struggle? I hope the answer is no, cause what I imagine and what I get with this polymer clay are not same and everything seem so hard, every time I find a way to do something at least 2-3 problems show up that need fixing. I wish would be an easy way of doing everything. I think everyone wants that...

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