Saturday, August 6

Red silk and beads bracelet - 17 of 366 creative days

 I wanted to try some crochet earrings, I have done a pair a while ago for a friend of mine and wanted to extend the experimenting. I really love silk yarn and I got plenty of colours. Started one and the ideas kept coming so I decided to go for a bracelet with several beads models.
 Unfortunately today was summer sale up to 75% and I couldn't resist. Spent 5 hours in the stores. This summer, like no other, fashion was on my taste so I did something I never do cause I usually hate it: tried over 40 items and I had a limited amount of cash so I needed to decide, hence the amount of time spent.
 But I am happy, now I can relax for the next 2-3 years of bad fashion.
I feel guilty I haven't finished the red silk and beads bracelet on the other hand...
Red silk and beads bracelet
 But I will do it tomorrow, after the second run to the shops, yes, I still have things to buy!

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