Tuesday, August 9

Textured stamp molds - 20 of 366 creative days

 I know making textured molds for stamps is not much but wasted time conditioning some polymer clay instead of doing something creative, as well as baking(curing) everything I have done - the result is disappointing as hell and means I need a long road ahead of testing until I will properly learn my materials.
Textured stamp molds and negatives
  I am also feel like giving up and the friends that suppose to cheer me up failed in helping me the last few days. But, what cannot kill you makes you stronger, right? So the bad days have past I hope, and I pushed myself forward, witch is a big improvement.
 The problem is I cannot pass my imagination blockage and finally feel free to explore. I am always thinking at money, wasting materials, tools I don't have, if I have a gift or I am just a crafter, etc..

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