Tuesday, December 15

Knitted baby clothes - 59 of 366 creative days

Many knitted items for babies. I really enjoyed doing them, even if a baby would wear them for a very short amount of time. I still kept few after my daughter used them. They are too cute.

Baby girl knitted dress
Baby girl crochet flowers

More baby knitted clothes here.

Monday, December 14

Paper cuts "painting" - 58 of 366 creative days

This was the start. A "painting" made from magazine cut slices, glue and wrapping paper.
Without much planning, just going along with it as I saw it building.
Here are more details Paper cuts "selfie"
Is funny how I come back to my creative side close to holidays and family visits.

Coming back to the other side of my brain

After 4 years of hard corporate work (celebrated 2 weeks ago), I felt it was the moment of moving back to the other side of my brain, witch is the creation of beautiful things and enjoying them.
Also, coming back to this project to try finishing, so I will have the feeling of accomplishment.
In order to get started again, I dig into my old projects, order them and posting here, to have them as ideas or future inspirations.
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