Tuesday, August 16

Kumihimo 4 thread rope - 27 of 366 creative days

  While I was browsing randomly the web I have discovered the kumihimo braid making, an old Japanese art of rope making, those used for tiding the obi's over the kimonos.
  So I spent most of my day with making a kumiloom disk, was too easy to do it myself and save my money, and as well searching for books and patterns. Found several but I needed a thin braid so I decided to go with the simplest made of 4 threads.
Kumihimo braid with 4 threads
   There are so many variations of kumihimo that can make your head spin, and is pretty catchy, I am glad I discovered it. Now I have what to do with all those 7-8 kilos of macrame and silk threads I bought in my last hollyday.

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