Wednesday, August 17

Turquoise - emerald clay earrings - 28 of 366 creative days

  After baking I realized I can finish up another pair of earrings, with the thought of Saint Mary day, witch is my mother's day name as well and she loves green.
   So I took those drop shaped beads that I made from the turquoise - emerald polymer clay, baked them, polished them, made some mistakes as well(but that's the way you learn) and then thought of an interesting way to mount them, since I didn't wanted the boring old fashioned way. And since I learned how to do kumihimo braid yesterday and thought that kumiloom shouldn't dust too quick, I got some metallic thread and some glass beads and silver plated tube and finished,  after a bit of struggle and more mistakes, this nice pair of turquoise - emerald polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings
    The color is not quite accurate, they are more green than blue, and they have layers of transparency in different shades of green where you can see the silver leaf under, but this is the best photography I came up with after 40 minutes of setting up the light and modifying on the computer.
    But, this is a piece that I am pleased with, in spite of all imperfections, cause actually an idea that I could finish and I wasn't forced to find solution to replace what I had in mind as a result.

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