Thursday, September 15

Diet orange jelly hearts - 57 of 366 creative days


    I have seen a pattern picture that inspired me(by inspire I mean made me crave orange jelly hearts sweets). Thanks to Sanyu for creating that palette for me(it really makes a statement) and the pattern template and novrain62 for being inspired to use the template and that palettes to color it!
   Here is the diet recipe for the orange jelly heart if you want to try it and here is the photo on how it looks like:

   Thank you and forgive me I didn't have a green plate :D (grin)!
    And here starts my holiday, with a huge cleaning cause I will have family visiting!

Wednesday, September 14

The last palettes for a while - 56 of 36 creative days

  This is my last share of palettes for a while. I am going on holiday for about 3 weeks so I have no idea what or if I can post here, I will try my best to write, and post the pictures later if I will have any.


    All these are made for celebrating. My 112 lovers(cause I forgot to do it at 100), imagination, Sheryl(1335sj) and Sanyu (two very nice people who cheered me up) and their milestones, and last but not least, Catell-Ruz( I will tell you another time who she is, ha!).

Tuesday, September 13

Are they any good? - 54 of 366 creative days

I spend so much time looking trough some other people work that time is passing too fast, And there are so many patterns and pattern template waiting to be colored and so many palettes waiting to be used...And the eternal question: are they any good, are they getting better, are these palettes worth using?



  They are all 1LP - one lover color palettes and the are done for a sort of game called Colour Lover of the day.
I did some pattern coloring as well but is taking too much time to post them here, sorry for that.

Monday, September 12

Six more palettes - 54 of 366 creative days

I have done more palettes, few of them made using other people colors. I will post my favorites here. The first one are the colors from the red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting.



   My favorite palettes is the one called "gypsies". It reminds me of the childhood days, when I was staying at my grandmother from my mother's side, in front of her courtyard on a wooden bench and the gypsies that made cooking pots and cooking items came on the street trying to sell them.
  The females wearing long and very colorful, even in several layers skirts. The number of layers was so big they could usually steal a chicken and place it under it without everyone even notice it was there. An the colors, oh my, just crazy, no skirt looked like the other, they been like a wave of color.
  The men wearing black hats with a large brim and the older ones had very big mustaches. Quite impressive.

Sunday, September 11

Color mix pattern template - 53 of 366 creative days

  I have tried to do some color mixing pattern template, only one succeeded, the two colors. The three color mixing pattern template is not working as intended but it gave me an interesting effect when I used black background, like lights in the nights so I kept it anyway.



  In the duo color mixing pattern you can actually see the difference if you get closer and further away from the image.

Saturday, September 10

More palettes - 52 of 366 creative days

   I am sorry I can't post as often but my time is very limited and not enough time to do everything.
   But here are some more palettes I have made, this is the least time consuming from all the creative things I can do and enjoy every bit of it. I have done several after butterflies, thei colors are just wonderful, but when I place them in a palette, with no gradients, all become so...



    I am sorry for posting so late but I am out of time and not enough time for everything I want to do, I try my best to do something creative every day but not succeed to post them.

Friday, September 9

Diet red velvet cake diet cream cheese frosting - 51 of 366 creative days

   I did it, I have been veeery creative!  If you want the recipe, use this link Diet Red Velvet with Diet Cream Cheese Frosting!!!

Diet red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
Diet red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

  I played a bit with the colors just for fun and I admit was worth it! My daughter refused the mix made from red velvet cake crumbs with cream cause they are "ugly" and she wanted "blue cake". But not more than one cause she needs real sugar And I made normal ones for her, but less better looking.

  So here is the story! And here is the recipe: diet red velvet cake with diet cream cheese frosting.

  I like sweets, my mom did a lot of them all the time, she hated doing donuts and all the normal pastry, but she enjoyed doing creamy cakes and this kind of sweets. But she always did the base cakes a bit dry and hard so she can moisten them with fruit home made syrup sauce. She enjoyed experimenting new recipes but she never followed the recipe as it should and always something failed and in the end all looked like crap, but still the cakes taste was amazing, so we use to say that "it doesn't matter if will drip on the floor, we will eat it from there as well so we don't waste a tasteful desert"
   But few years back I saw the "Cake Boss", a reality show about artful and delicious cakes made by Buddy Valastro and his team. Eatable art, I tell you! And asked myself, how the hell they could say is delicious when they don't put syrup in the cake, isn't that dry? Cause it need to be dry to hold so many kilos of cream cheese and decoration and also the fondant. I searched over internet a bit but no recipe found until last week I found a recipe on of his velvet red cake with cream cheese frosting -  If you are into cooking and deserts you should check the rest of the 10 recipes unraveled for the celebration, I know I will.
  As for my recipe diet red velvet recipe with cream cheese frosting, I changed some things to make it a diet cake, replacing the sugar, less flour. I will change it a bit more probably next time I will make it.

  Ah, yes, how they did it, well, the result is a cake so moist that it doesn't need syruping, is actually melting in your mouth, and frosting is so light and soft...I discovered a new world of sweets, I tell you, a new dimension.

Thursday, September 8

My own flower arrangement cane - 50 of 366 creative days

 I celebrated this day by doing a lovely cane flower design using the patterns that I liked on colour lovers and been fitted for this project. I have used my color palette to do the test, I am not sure this will be the one I will use in the end, but helped me to figure out some things.
 And of course, these aren't the final colors or design, but is a point to start from. Second is my favorite so far and I know it will be very hard to make this a polymer clay cane, but I want to do it and it will be a good practice with polymer clay canes!

Floral cane design version 1

Floral cane design version 2

Floral cane design version 3

  At first I thought I will do some kaleidoscope out of them, but will be a waste, really. I need to do some geometric shapes for the kaleidoscope and keep the floral cane design as it is and make earrings and pendants from it.

The credits for the pattern templates belong to:!

Wednesday, September 7

Kaleidoscope cane tries - 49 of 366 creative days

  I have seen last week several photos on facebook belonging to Carol Simmons with kaleidoscopes made from same cane, in Photoshop. I am not yet familiar with all the polymer clay famous artists yet, but I think that she is specialized in this types of canes. Those pictures reminded me of those little Kaleidoscopes made from a plastic tube and 3 mirrors with some beads inside that we had when we've been children. I have spent a lot of time looking at it.
  So I decided to take an ugly picture of my weird cane and start editing it to make some kaleidoscope canes myself, just to understand how it works. I didn't even needed a tutorial for this cause the principle is simple.

Kaleidoscope canes
    The colors are a bit ugly, I know, but was just for testing. There are more ways , depends on the angle you choose, but I got the point so far. Next one will have very lively colors.

Tuesday, September 6

The tux penguin strikes again - 48 of 366 creative days

  About 4 years ago I have stumbled myself into a cute little thing called Tux penguin, the former logo of Debian Linux. And I loved it so much that I tried to remake it myself in some outfits, unfortunately, with my inability of ending up projects I stopped at two of them, you can see them on flickr: Christmas tux penguin, Romanian flag Tux penguin.
  As a test to myself I did it in Seamless Lite, the web editor for the colour lovers site.
Tux penguin pattern template
Tux penguin colored pattern

  And close to my favorite palettes.  I also made several more palettes and patterns coloring.
  I am thinking that may I should stylize in same style more little animal for the delight of the kids and some of the adults like myself.

Monday, September 5

Back to palettes again - 47 - 366 creative days

I have done several more palettes from a batch I started 4 years ago and decided to redo now, some are nice, some don't but who knows what pattern would bring the shine on them?!


  I have no idea what's happening to Firefox but it seems that this week refused to open pages after a certain point and won't show them again unless I restart the computer... Strange thing, Anyway, I posted the palettes I have done in this day as well so you can check them out here at Diana Colors
  I must admit I am started to get bored of this, maybe I should get back to work for few days to test some colors in polymer clay maybe.

Sunday, September 4

Again palettes and patterns - 46 of 366 creative days

   At the end of the day I realized that i haven't done so much as I thought and spent most of my time browsing others' colors and patterns. Not that is a bad thing, a huge pile of inspiration, but I think I have enough of that and I need to do something myself.
   Here is my "pile of palettes":

   And the pile of patterns.  Actually I did a lot more pattern but is either linking them all and make a hard load or show none and just give you the link. I choose the link: Patterns for the 46th day.

  And plenty of testing with extruded canes pattern template.

Saturday, September 3

First pattern template - 45 of 366 creative days

I finally did my first pattern template. Came from the idea of testing color for the extruded canes, it is such a relief, now I can test colors before wasting materials! I am so happy about it! And I did it in the web version, Seamless Lite!
  You can feel free to use it yourself if you like to, some people say that would be nice to put some colored version as painting on a wall. I can see that as being fun and cheery, but depends on the colors, of course.

   I just realized this can be used for many things: foam ,metal ,felt , fabric , textiles pattern, paint, prints to place on a wall, anything will look interesting, depends on the size and colors you choose! These here are so far my favorite colors from those tested.

   I did some color palettes as well, I will link some of the favorites, rest you can see them here.

Friday, September 2

Only palettes day - 44 of 366 creative days

  Today I have done only palettes, many from my photo stock, those that I had planned and a I am pretty pleased. The colors are not always how you think in certain combination, and when you look on at them as palettes they look great, but when you start placing them in the patterns...things change a lot, and not always for the better.
   The last palette is actually the one that the unbaked extruded canes have for the earrings I have done in the 26 day, the orange part. In the picture is the baked version and was a lot of transparent polymer clay involved.
  That why a site like is so useful. I wish they had more option to sort out the palettes you love and add as favorite so you can find the ones you like easily, not just for social purposes.
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