Wednesday, September 7

Kaleidoscope cane tries - 49 of 366 creative days

  I have seen last week several photos on facebook belonging to Carol Simmons with kaleidoscopes made from same cane, in Photoshop. I am not yet familiar with all the polymer clay famous artists yet, but I think that she is specialized in this types of canes. Those pictures reminded me of those little Kaleidoscopes made from a plastic tube and 3 mirrors with some beads inside that we had when we've been children. I have spent a lot of time looking at it.
  So I decided to take an ugly picture of my weird cane and start editing it to make some kaleidoscope canes myself, just to understand how it works. I didn't even needed a tutorial for this cause the principle is simple.

Kaleidoscope canes
    The colors are a bit ugly, I know, but was just for testing. There are more ways , depends on the angle you choose, but I got the point so far. Next one will have very lively colors.

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