Thursday, September 8

My own flower arrangement cane - 50 of 366 creative days

 I celebrated this day by doing a lovely cane flower design using the patterns that I liked on colour lovers and been fitted for this project. I have used my color palette to do the test, I am not sure this will be the one I will use in the end, but helped me to figure out some things.
 And of course, these aren't the final colors or design, but is a point to start from. Second is my favorite so far and I know it will be very hard to make this a polymer clay cane, but I want to do it and it will be a good practice with polymer clay canes!

Floral cane design version 1

Floral cane design version 2

Floral cane design version 3

  At first I thought I will do some kaleidoscope out of them, but will be a waste, really. I need to do some geometric shapes for the kaleidoscope and keep the floral cane design as it is and make earrings and pendants from it.

The credits for the pattern templates belong to:!

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