Saturday, September 3

First pattern template - 45 of 366 creative days

I finally did my first pattern template. Came from the idea of testing color for the extruded canes, it is such a relief, now I can test colors before wasting materials! I am so happy about it! And I did it in the web version, Seamless Lite!
  You can feel free to use it yourself if you like to, some people say that would be nice to put some colored version as painting on a wall. I can see that as being fun and cheery, but depends on the colors, of course.

   I just realized this can be used for many things: foam ,metal ,felt , fabric , textiles pattern, paint, prints to place on a wall, anything will look interesting, depends on the size and colors you choose! These here are so far my favorite colors from those tested.

   I did some color palettes as well, I will link some of the favorites, rest you can see them here.

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