Sunday, May 29

Hand made texture plates - 70 of 366 creative days

    Doodling is in fashion these days, but is not something new, everyone does it when they are bored and nothing else to do, or helps even focusing on a conversation.
    I was never a person who is scribbling on a side of the paper, but, I like the idea of having my own unique texture plates and seems like polymer clay and wax were the easiest to work with.
    Just use a needle or a toothpick or a round ball pin and let your imagination drive your hand.
I posted the few steps here for hand made texture stamps and few more pictures

Polymer clay texture plate hand made
   There are many other way, like using natural materials, like rocks, plants, wood, etc and imprint in the polymer clay in an organised randomness.

Thursday, May 26

Hand made cookie cutters - 69 of 366 creative days

A good way to recycle aluminium cans is to make cookie cutters. They are very easy to bent (but be careful, very easy to break), can be made any shape and they cut very well.
I was obsessed with the image of a cat on a roof under the moonlight, mainly because of my childhood cartoons, but because I found their curves so soft and soothing.
See here a bit more details about recycled can into cookie cutter.

Be careful they are really sharp.

Sunday, May 22

Healthy recipe chicken schnitzel - 68 of 366 creative days

   I love schnitzels, my mom used to make us since we were kids and she was quite good at it. She would make very big ones, almost one breast each. She would always make just with egg and flower, so they were never crunchy In time I found also smaller, almost bite size, not hard, as moist as the big thick ones. Also with crunchy crust.
   I was always bad with frying, I either under-cook or overcook, but...being away from someone who can cook these for me and not being part of the country dishes...I needed to learn to adjust.
So, with a bit of practice and of course experimenting, I got to make my own healthy muesli crust chicken schnitzel.

    And don't get fooled by the picture, they are god damn moist and crunchy and tasty and so good...

Thursday, May 19

Home made cheap photo booth - 67 of 366 creative days

I needed a Photo booth several years ago and I found it a bit too expensive at that time, since I had no job. But I looked around the house and found enough mats to make one myself.
Not as professional as the ones for 300 or more but considering that costed it value in bulbs and tape, I guess it was perfect.
See here the steps for making a home made photo booth for jewelry.

Tuesday, May 17

Polymer clay color mix chart pink, purple and earthy - 66 of 366 creative days

  I always liked earthy colors and when I see gorgeous combinations used by artists my heart just melts.
  So I said I should try some mixes, just for the fun of experimenting and also to try combining them.
  Since I keep buying whatever brands I can get my hands on, I tried to mix them. Surprisingly, it went well, much much better than expected.

I used later the pink and purple for flowers. Earthy haven't used it yet and realized how much fun I missed when I took the pictures. This is definitely going on the to do list!

Sunday, May 1

Asian stir fry low carbs - 65 of 366 creative days

  I love Asian food! Yes, I'm one of those billion people. And in my town is a very good place that cooks amazing, Thai - Chinese style. I keep on buying regularly but I tried to reproduce it at home and since I'm not an fan on digging in the internet (too many big corporate sites with just random recipes), I started to try to make it myself, but in a more healthier version
  So these are my "recipes" for asian style stir fry, low or no carbs, can be also vegetarian, and can help you with a healthy dish when you don't have too many ingredients in the fridge and you need to cook in less than 20-30 minutes (including cleaning and cutting the ingredients)

  Use your imagination, minimum cutting skills, and stir constantly at highest temperature.
  Can be used any meat: beef, chicken, tuna, fish - haven't tried with lamb - finely sliced, so even if you have a small amount, will look like is a lot.
  Can be used almost any vegetable, usually base is onions, carrots, mushroom, pepper. I never tried with potatoes and zucchini seems to be a failure.
  Also the secret is not to overcook, the crunchier, the better!
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