Sunday, May 1

Asian stir fry low carbs - 65 of 366 creative days

  I love Asian food! Yes, I'm one of those billion people. And in my town is a very good place that cooks amazing, Thai - Chinese style. I keep on buying regularly but I tried to reproduce it at home and since I'm not an fan on digging in the internet (too many big corporate sites with just random recipes), I started to try to make it myself, but in a more healthier version
  So these are my "recipes" for asian style stir fry, low or no carbs, can be also vegetarian, and can help you with a healthy dish when you don't have too many ingredients in the fridge and you need to cook in less than 20-30 minutes (including cleaning and cutting the ingredients)

  Use your imagination, minimum cutting skills, and stir constantly at highest temperature.
  Can be used any meat: beef, chicken, tuna, fish - haven't tried with lamb - finely sliced, so even if you have a small amount, will look like is a lot.
  Can be used almost any vegetable, usually base is onions, carrots, mushroom, pepper. I never tried with potatoes and zucchini seems to be a failure.
  Also the secret is not to overcook, the crunchier, the better!

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