Sunday, May 22

Healthy recipe chicken schnitzel - 68 of 366 creative days

   I love schnitzels, my mom used to make us since we were kids and she was quite good at it. She would make very big ones, almost one breast each. She would always make just with egg and flower, so they were never crunchy In time I found also smaller, almost bite size, not hard, as moist as the big thick ones. Also with crunchy crust.
   I was always bad with frying, I either under-cook or overcook, but...being away from someone who can cook these for me and not being part of the country dishes...I needed to learn to adjust.
So, with a bit of practice and of course experimenting, I got to make my own healthy muesli crust chicken schnitzel.

    And don't get fooled by the picture, they are god damn moist and crunchy and tasty and so good...

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