Sunday, July 31

Polymer clay fish - 11 of 366 creative days

Decided to write numbers in the title.

An unintentional shaped polymer clay fish, I cannot escape my fate that seems to be directly connected to fish and everything related. I had fun doing it, but wasn't easy and I learned few things along the way one of them is things aren't as easy as they look.
Polymer clay fish

I wish I would be able to write more and say more funny things but I really don't have time for writing. I am trying to stick with the plan and cover up most of daily duties same time, I hope I will have more time in two months.

Enjoy and thank you!

Saturday, July 30

Polymer clay color palettes - 10 of 366 creative days

I found a color palette I made some years ago when I was searching for some color for a water related website, and found some inspired by a blue-green with yellow dots Ceratosoma (7-12) and the Nanny McPhee(1,2,6) movie, that has so strange color combination. I changed it a bit to make it more weird.
Polymer clay color palettes
The first color, that teal, has such a vintage feel, a mixed with some gold leaf or polymer clay metallic gold will be interesting. The colors are a bit different in reality, been a busy day so I forgot to take a picture with the normal light.
I really enjoyed doing this and I am so happy that I managed to do the colors pretty quick, too bad that most of my time was spend conditioning the clay...
If you want to check the recipes for polymer clay mixing colors

Thank you!

Friday, July 29

Polymer clay Ikat gradients - 9 of 366 creative days

 I can call this a random mixing colors from some old colors I tested and wanted to get rid of. So, if you want to see the colors mixture skinner blends I made and the Ikat gradients, good.
 But if you want to try the colors I wrote there, be sure not even half are accurate, they are what I think it may be or at least close enough with the colors in the photos. So good luck there! And I can bet that I cannot reproduce the ones I like, that gray in particular.
 Here are some pictures with some techniques I tried on beads, ashamed of them, on some horrid orange base. Why showing it then? Well, I needed to justify my wasted time.
Polymer clay swirl, beads and leaf

Thursday, July 28

Polymer clay textures and molds - 8 of 366 creative days

I have pile of junk objects that I keep gathering in order to make patterns and texture sheets "one day".
Well, that day has come and I finally started doing some. I kept only two of them cause the material I worked them on is a mess and no way I will redo that.
Pendant mold

Patterned texture sheet
I did some more, is toxic actually, I couldn't stop, I felt like doing more and more combinations until I realized is late and I need to think of something for tomorrow.
If you want to check out the rest of the pattern textures I made. I only kept the pictures in order to remake them.

Enjoy and thank you.

Wednesday, July 27

Polymer clay textured beads - 7 of 366 creative days

Started with the gradient cause I wanted to test the Skinner method, but the most fun was the color picking(they won't look same after baking) and of course, that beads at the end and the thought of making textures.

Polymer clay beads unbaked

For the whole palette check the polymer clay gradient color mix.

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, July 26

Polymer clay emerald beads - 6 of 366 creative days

Today I was on the roll, I couldn't stop. Started last night actually but now I think I have enough materials for one necklace with all that I did on this round.
Turquoise and emerald beads
I can't wait to bake those and all that transparency will pop up very nice.

Click for more details about colors and polymer clay techniques I used.

Thank you for your support!

Edit: these are the finished earrings from the drops beads.

Emerald earrings from turquoise emerald beads

Monday, July 25

Metallic polymer clay pendant - 5 of 366 creative days

Tired and lacking inspiration I started to do some materials that I was postponing for a while. When I was done I thought of doing something to match so I started playing with the polymer clay metallic colors, actually only with copper and making variation out of it. Of course wasn't done in 2 hours so I needed to spend a lot of time today as well, but is sort of done.
I am actually scare of how all these will look like after baking, could be disappointing as hell.
Metallic polymer clay pendant

There it is the metallic polymer clay pendant in detail.

Thank you for your support!

Sunday, July 24

Falafel recipe - 4 of 366 creative days

So about today's creativity, not much of creativity as more of an adventure let's say. I made falafel, nice and crunchy falafel, I have no clue if is supposed to be crunchy but I love it like that.

Here you can read the story and a sort of falafel recipe. I say sort cause is not so easy to follow due to the high amount of rumbling, could be fun to read although.

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, July 23

Polymer clay stripes - 3 of 366 creative days

This so simple and easy polymer clay logs took me longer than expected and was more work then all the rest.

But this time I spend way less on the photos and posting.

So this is the third day project in detail: Polymer clay stripes logs
Thank you for your support!

Friday, July 22

Mokume Gane - 2 of 366 creative days

I guess the title will be a bit boring after a bit but can't think of anything more suggestive.

So I am done with the second day thing, took me less time to photo and sort things out so I spend a bit more time with a better page design and accessibility.
Mokume Gane in polymer clay

So this is the second day project in detail: Mokume Gane pastel color.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, July 21

Polymer clay extruder - 1 of 366 creative days

In order for this to work I will do the posting the next day after I am done creating the thing.
A bit annoying cause took me about 3 hours to post all, I am getting in too much detail, can't help it but who knows when I will need the information to do something similar.
Extruded polymer clay

So this is the day one project in detail: Polymer Clay extruder experiment.

Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, July 20

366 creative days 2011-2012

This will be a project to help me out with the "never finish anything" problem and also stimulate my creativity.

I chose to start from my birthday and end on my birthday next year. 366 days(next year February is 29 days) is a good time and I will draw a line and see how I've done, I hope at least a 80% result.

Anything will be good, cooking, crafting, drawing, photoshop, illustrator, photography, etc...

Please help me out to get things done!
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