Thursday, April 28

Sculpey grey polymer clay color mix - 64 of 366 creative days

I found a mix that I would like to keep as reference. I have some extra Super Sculpey Firm polymer clay I bought from a guy who does effects in movies and also big sculptures for Club decorating. So I decided to do some experiments with acrylic paint.

Here can be seen more details about the amounts of polymer clay and acrylic paint color mix.

I liked the shade of colors, slightly earthy, i'm thinking to try these colors on some Hundertwasser inspired designs to see how it goes, I love this artist.

Monday, April 25

Fake jade beads and pendants - 63 of 366 creative days

   I wanted to test some polymer color mix found somewhere, was around 2007 and I don't really remember where i found it. Lucky, I write down the color mixes so I might be able to reproduce later. 
   I really love jade, reminds me of my childhood, when my mother got two jade lions from China, when jade was hard to get, and I always admired their transparency and color. Plus, I really love green, specially that earthy one.
   So this is my attempt of fake jade polymer clay pendants, maya sort of style, and some jade beads, in more details also with mix colors.
   This is the unbaked polymer clay, so jade transparency is not yet visible.

Maya polymer clay jade pendants

Found the baked beads, but somehow, I lost the pendant, I will try to search some more.

Thursday, April 21

Lahmacun recipe - 62 of 366 creative days

   I went several year ago, 7 to be more precise, in Turkey. It was a very interesting trip and I enjoyed it a lot. The view was nice, the food was amazing, a lot of museums and places to visit, cheap shopping, only downside was that everyone was trying to rob you and cheat you in every way possible, country is perfect.
   And there, at a small neighborhood diner, I had the best lahmacun(lahmaju in Armenian) I ever eat, after 7 years, is still best. 
  The dough and pitta was made in house, in a wooden oven (last year I found out that it was actually Armenian pitta, oval shaped, slight fluffy when I found it in a bakery shop).
  In turkey you have chili flakes on every table, so you can top the steamy lahmacun, fold it in half and have amazing bites.
Then put down the fire with ayran (a sour, light, watery yogurt with salt).
 Been there for 2 week, eat that every day for breakfast! I wish I was able to take a full luggage.

lahmajun home recipe
Lahmajun recipe

 Now I try lahmacun recipes to match that taste. Getting closer and closer.

Sunday, April 17

Refurbished old jewelry - 61 of 366 creative days

   I bought an ebony wood necklace from the charity shops around town, also a bracelet, I liked the big focal beads.
   I cut, I added some beads, ribbon various colors, over complicated a bit, as usual with attaching the small beads, but in the end, I got a brand new necklaces.
   The ebony necklace that looks normal and a bit more unusual square pendant necklace.

   Refurbish jewelry never seems more tempting.

Refurbished bracelet to necklace with ribbon and beads
Refurbished necklace from a bracelet

I gifted to my friends and I really hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making them.

Thursday, April 14

Crochet jewellry begining - 60 of 366 creative days

   The one that started all. In 2011, when I visited my family and friends, I did this pair of crochet earrings for a friend and the crochet bracelet for  a little girl.
   My friend enjoyed the earrings and she was so positive about all this creative process and what I can do that she insisted and insisted I should continue crafting, not only here and there.
   This pair of earrings made me feel so positive that I decided to start this blog so I can feel more willing to craft more.
Crochet handmade silk earrings
Crochet silk earrings

   Today, after 5 years, I reached again my low point, slightly depressed, cannot find joy in anything I do, I feel tired and demotivated all the time.
   So,"read the signs!" I say. Seems like somehow, history is repeating, someone asked me if I can do consistent crafting so I can start selling, and same time, I found these pictures with these earring and reminded myself how it all started.
   I will put myself to work and get back to my happy creative me!

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