Monday, April 25

Fake jade beads and pendants - 63 of 366 creative days

   I wanted to test some polymer color mix found somewhere, was around 2007 and I don't really remember where i found it. Lucky, I write down the color mixes so I might be able to reproduce later. 
   I really love jade, reminds me of my childhood, when my mother got two jade lions from China, when jade was hard to get, and I always admired their transparency and color. Plus, I really love green, specially that earthy one.
   So this is my attempt of fake jade polymer clay pendants, maya sort of style, and some jade beads, in more details also with mix colors.
   This is the unbaked polymer clay, so jade transparency is not yet visible.

Maya polymer clay jade pendants

Found the baked beads, but somehow, I lost the pendant, I will try to search some more.

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