Thursday, April 21

Lahmacun recipe - 62 of 366 creative days

   I went several year ago, 7 to be more precise, in Turkey. It was a very interesting trip and I enjoyed it a lot. The view was nice, the food was amazing, a lot of museums and places to visit, cheap shopping, only downside was that everyone was trying to rob you and cheat you in every way possible, country is perfect.
   And there, at a small neighborhood diner, I had the best lahmacun(lahmaju in Armenian) I ever eat, after 7 years, is still best. 
  The dough and pitta was made in house, in a wooden oven (last year I found out that it was actually Armenian pitta, oval shaped, slight fluffy when I found it in a bakery shop).
  In turkey you have chili flakes on every table, so you can top the steamy lahmacun, fold it in half and have amazing bites.
Then put down the fire with ayran (a sour, light, watery yogurt with salt).
 Been there for 2 week, eat that every day for breakfast! I wish I was able to take a full luggage.

lahmajun home recipe
Lahmajun recipe

 Now I try lahmacun recipes to match that taste. Getting closer and closer.

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