Wednesday, August 31

Another Pattern day - 42 of 366 creative days

  Was a bit busy day cause I spent most of my time browsing trough other people palettes and template patterns and play with their colors. But I came out with pretty nice patterns as well.
  And I also realized that I long as I find these pattern and palettes browsing useful, I don't feel guilty I spend my creative time in there.
  And is it really useful: I can create new color palettes, I can test them on various types of patterns, I can find inspiration for any polymer clay or other crafting project in the future. I can see what colors are the most popular. I am even thinking of buying the Seameless patterns program to create my own pattern templates before actually starting to craft them, as a design choice, to color test before and find what is the best choice without wasting materials.

    I will see, not sure if I want to invest more money after so much I have spent in the last two months on materials without making a single penny out of it.

Tuesday, August 30

Palettes and colors fun - 41 of 366 creative days

 And continued with some more coloring. And instead of doing my own palettes I spend my time coloring. is fun, but not always productive. Here are some more patterns and palettes I have done.

   If you click on the images you can see all the details about the palettes used or you can check the palettes used for these patterns.

Monday, August 29

And again pallettes and patterns - 40 of 366 creative days

I have done some more and I think I cannot stop so easily, so many variation, creativity and color in that place that you would never want to leave. But I did cause I wanted to post here palettes and more patterns.

  I am totally in love with that rainbow, I will surely do it, I had a similar idea a long time ago but this is way better! Don't forget to check all my patterns and palettes.

Sunday, August 28

More palettes and patterns - 39 of 366 creative days

  I was so caught up with the colour lovers site that I actually forgot to post in here so I will do it now and show you what I have been coloring there.

  For the color palettes I have done this patterns with and more patterns, just click on color palettes and patterns here.
  I will continue doing this for at least few days now and sort out all my archive of inspiration images I have collected over the years and make palettes out of them.

Saturday, August 27

Patterning color palettes - 38 of 366 creative days

  I lost a full day on colour lovers site, is actually very toxic and seems that you cannot stop from browsing color palettes and patterns. I came up with few colors palettes and patterns coloring as well.

    If you want to follow my "work" there just click on Diana Colors.

Friday, August 26

Polymer clay bead swirls - 37 of 366 creative days

  I made few polymer clay beads and used swirls technique, it was fun to test,  and no bead is like the other. They will end up a nice bracelet.

Thursday, August 25

Ugly polymer clay cane - 36 of 366 creative days

  I did a weird polymer clay cane without thinking how end design will look like and just placing random colored canes.

Weird Polymer clay cane

   I  did some further test with it and learned from my mistakes, one of them being: if you make a too many details cane, don make it too thin cause the details won't show at all or they will look like a mix.

Wednesday, August 24

More polymer clay extruded stripes - 35 of 366 creative days

  I couldn't help and tried some more extruding variations on polymer clay caned stripes. I am trying to get more patterns doing more variations on the stripe arrangement.

   The only duplicate with the first polymer clay extruded stripes is the second position, is same with third position in the previous experiment. I can't wait to slice them some more too see how they look like further inside.
   I wonder how will they look on transparent mediums, white polymer clay or beads variations with black and white.

Tuesday, August 23

Polymer clay pendant in rainbow colors - 34 of 366 creative days

   I thought I will need a pendant as a centerpiece of yesterday's polymer clay beads. So I tried a new approach of slicing the stripes extruded canes. This polymer clay pendant in rainbow colors over black was what came out after a bit of work.

Polymer clay rainbow pendant
    I am thinking to make a frame with silver leaf a bit cracked, and a pair of polymer clay earrings to match.

Monday, August 22

Poly clay black-raibow beads - 33 of 366 creative days

 I continued the testing with the Polymer clay extruded stripes that I have done the other day. I wanted those color to wave in the black without mixing. I actually wanted to do swirls, but I need more patience.

Polymer clay black-rainbow beads
   They ended up very nicely, a wavy rainbow colors on black beads. I have an idea about a pendant with same colors and earrings. Will end up nicely with some silver help.

Sunday, August 21

Chinese knots on earrings and bracelet - 32 of 366 creative days

  I decided to do something for my daughter since she was roaming around me every day trying to get her little hands on my beads. I found some nice pastel colored silk rope and tried my luck with the Chinese knots and eternity on earrings and bracelet since I wanted to see if I can do those.

Chinese and eternity knots on earrings and bracelet
     My daughter said when she looked herself in the mirror: " I am beautiful like a princess now!" She was keep spinning her head so the earring would move around. She was very cute.
     I will try to get some other type of hooks, more appropriate for her age and keep on doing her cute things.

Saturday, August 20

Extruded poly clay stripes - 31 of 366 creative days

   After that long mixing day I felt I died a bit inside so I decided to revive myself with some experimenting. No fire this time and nothing toxic, the number of colors mixed was lower so my desire of doing something hard core wasn't there.
  I tried extruding stripes slices combinations in a rainbow succession of colors.

Polymer clay extruded rainbow stripes
   Wasn't bad, but I am sure with a larger extruder disk would have been way better. I have troubles finding a store that sells polymer clay, the one I used to buy from I am still stuck at the material problem.

Friday, August 19

Mixing colors for Water and Air elements - 30 of 355 creative days

   These color mixing and setting up for taking picture are killing my mood for posting. I have done 13 mixing combination of blues and white and some black. I will post after baking.

Thursday, August 18

Polymer clay "surprise" earrings - 29 of 366 creative days

  So far polymer clay "surprise" earrings are my favorite idea and I plan to expand it in the future. It started in the fourteenth day, but changed a bit after baking. I tend to complicate things. instead of using boring knots as stoppers for disks I've hand made some 8 shaped flat hoops from gold wire that I sneaked into the kumihimo braid.

Polymer clay "surprise" earrings
Polymer clay copper - teal earrings

     Surprise comes from the double faces, they offer a different feel on each side, old copper a bit monotonous on one side and blue-teal yellow, vivid and sand rock texture on the other side. You can see the second face in a discreet manner.
    Due to the rings system, with a simple pliers you can move the hook from one end to another and wear then with any side you want. You can even used them like I showed them in the photo. I never agreed with the idea that the earrings need to be identical, if you can keep the balance, why not different earrings?!
     I will work more on these two ideas in the future!

Color mix recipes can be found here:

Wednesday, August 17

Turquoise - emerald clay earrings - 28 of 366 creative days

  After baking I realized I can finish up another pair of earrings, with the thought of Saint Mary day, witch is my mother's day name as well and she loves green.
   So I took those drop shaped beads that I made from the turquoise - emerald polymer clay, baked them, polished them, made some mistakes as well(but that's the way you learn) and then thought of an interesting way to mount them, since I didn't wanted the boring old fashioned way. And since I learned how to do kumihimo braid yesterday and thought that kumiloom shouldn't dust too quick, I got some metallic thread and some glass beads and silver plated tube and finished,  after a bit of struggle and more mistakes, this nice pair of turquoise - emerald polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings
    The color is not quite accurate, they are more green than blue, and they have layers of transparency in different shades of green where you can see the silver leaf under, but this is the best photography I came up with after 40 minutes of setting up the light and modifying on the computer.
    But, this is a piece that I am pleased with, in spite of all imperfections, cause actually an idea that I could finish and I wasn't forced to find solution to replace what I had in mind as a result.

Tuesday, August 16

Kumihimo 4 thread rope - 27 of 366 creative days

  While I was browsing randomly the web I have discovered the kumihimo braid making, an old Japanese art of rope making, those used for tiding the obi's over the kimonos.
  So I spent most of my day with making a kumiloom disk, was too easy to do it myself and save my money, and as well searching for books and patterns. Found several but I needed a thin braid so I decided to go with the simplest made of 4 threads.
Kumihimo braid with 4 threads
   There are so many variations of kumihimo that can make your head spin, and is pretty catchy, I am glad I discovered it. Now I have what to do with all those 7-8 kilos of macrame and silk threads I bought in my last hollyday.

Monday, August 15

Polymer clay extruded cane earrings - 26 of 366 creative days

  I know that these polymer clay extruded cane earrings don't look exquisite but that may be due to the bad photo conditions, I know, and I spend around 40 minutes for every picture I take. Yes, yes, I ordered myself a photo box, but will arrive in one month so bare with me and my bad photos.

PMC extruded canes earrings
  But, about the earrings, they look simple but I spent a long time to figure out how to work some wire to give them a nice twist, totally failed. I need to work more on that, practice makes it perfect, right?

Sunday, August 14

PMC fall metallic petals - 25 of 366 creative days

  I am sick and tired of browsing trough polymer clay artists pages and feel so low. I always forget that they work with polymer clay for over 5-6, some even for 14 years and they have a lot of tools, some of them professional, tons of molds, texture sheets, PMC color mixing charts and many more.
  So I decided to start doing some testing for myself. So I went by using the extreme way, alcohol and fire. Not a very smart idea since Polymer clay is very toxic when is burned it gets smoky and emanates hydrochloride gas. Was fun anyway, even now I have a slight headache and sore throat.
   In the end I played a bit with one of the failed molds I have done today and came out with these polymer clay fall colored metallic petals.

PMC fall metallic petals
  Why I said failed mold project, because I came with an idea to make molds and texture sheets in a cheaper way by not using polymer clay or two parts silicon, but the sealant type of silicon you can find in store for 2 euros/300ml. Unfortunately due to a miscalculation I ended up with a bigger extruder gun and no molds or textures. So it wasn't a total loss after all.

Saturday, August 13

Wax sculpting - 24 of 366 creative days

 I got really bored of the color mixing plus that was impossible to continue due to the skin removing from my fingers, so I decided to do something fun. So I sculpted some flowers and two ancient heads in wax. I say ancient cause they look like they been sculpted on wax by a prehistoric child.
1. Sculpted wax mold

2. Sculpted wax heads

  The flowers look so weird cause was made on a piece of wax I left uneven. I used a toothpick and a cutter. I will buy some carving tools and i will try more after that.
  Is funny, some more things popped into my head last few days, much more complex and even in detail, so I guess some boring is good to stimulate myself from time to time.

Friday, August 12

Mixing colors for Fire element - 23 of 366 creative days

 Today I killed my fingers mixing and cutting about 20 color combination for Fire element. It's wasn't much of a creative moment but it was fun for sure. Can't wait to see how they will look like after baking.

   Baked and added, I forgot 2 more but I will do it later on. They are a nice necklace by themselves but a bit heavy - 120g.

Thursday, August 11

The four elements - choose colors - 22 of 366 creative days

  While I was diving into my imagination, of course stuck on the tools and materials I have, I decided I should do a longer project with and actual end as a decent to wear jewelry. Will take me few days to finish but is no hurry as long as I will use the tools and materials to achieve the result in my imagination, not vice versa.
  So the pendant/necklace/beads will be about the four elements that surrounds us, a long known and discussed/art-ified subject(I know this word doesn't exist but I like the sound of it).
  I spent most of my day randomly browsing images over the almighty world web and hand picked the four elements colors I will use.
The four elements colors I choose
  I will start work tomorrow on polymer clay color mixing and I plan to test the transparent ones as well.

Wednesday, August 10

Cinnabar hallow bead with polymer clay - 21 of 366 creative days

  I don't like the red color in particular, but I like the cinnabar bead since I got one for my birthday when I was 9-10 years old, don't remember for sure. Looked very nice, hand sculpted with flowers, about 1 cm size, but I lost it. From what I know is been forbidden to make cinnabar cause the process of making it is harmful.
  I searched a bit and I started the color from a book of Irene Semanchuk, that said to add 6 parts fuchsia and 1 part yellow and a pinch of black, and that was a total failure and far from the cinnabar color. So I tried to reach that color on my own random way just with my memory of that bead(I know is insane but...). So I added more yellow and tempera red color but the end result isn't that pleasing, should have been more intense red and slightly crimson then it is now.
   But I couldn't wait any longer cause I wanted to try the polymer clay cinnabar hollow bead idea I had by using wax( I have plenty of that).
Cinnabar hallow bead and flower beads
 I applied some molds on the polymer clay layer I placed on the wax bead and I hand carved it after curing, was quite easy cause the polymer clay is softer than wood. The smaller beads are done using molds.

Tuesday, August 9

Textured stamp molds - 20 of 366 creative days

 I know making textured molds for stamps is not much but wasted time conditioning some polymer clay instead of doing something creative, as well as baking(curing) everything I have done - the result is disappointing as hell and means I need a long road ahead of testing until I will properly learn my materials.
Textured stamp molds and negatives
  I am also feel like giving up and the friends that suppose to cheer me up failed in helping me the last few days. But, what cannot kill you makes you stronger, right? So the bad days have past I hope, and I pushed myself forward, witch is a big improvement.
 The problem is I cannot pass my imagination blockage and finally feel free to explore. I am always thinking at money, wasting materials, tools I don't have, if I have a gift or I am just a crafter, etc..

Monday, August 8

Crochet silk and beads bracelet done - 19 of 366 creative days

  I finally finished the bracelet and if I start thinking about it, well, is actually the first item I have finished. Took a bit more than expected cause I needed to bake more Turquoise polymer clay beads of a smaller size to fit the central piece.
 Is not much of a design, not even planned ahead, I did every ring according to my imagination, not thinking of linking them all together following any jewelery design rules, but I feel good about it!
 There it is my new and shiny crochet silk and beads bracelet.

Crochet silk and beads bracelet
  Still feel very frustrated and sort of stuck with my imagination.

Sunday, August 7

Red silk and beads bracelet(2)- 18 of 366 creative days

 I started yesterday the red silk and beads bracelet but not enough time to finish so I continued and I hope will be done tomorrow.
Red silk and beads rings
   Yes more shopping so less time to finish, but I will get there!

Saturday, August 6

Red silk and beads bracelet - 17 of 366 creative days

 I wanted to try some crochet earrings, I have done a pair a while ago for a friend of mine and wanted to extend the experimenting. I really love silk yarn and I got plenty of colours. Started one and the ideas kept coming so I decided to go for a bracelet with several beads models.
 Unfortunately today was summer sale up to 75% and I couldn't resist. Spent 5 hours in the stores. This summer, like no other, fashion was on my taste so I did something I never do cause I usually hate it: tried over 40 items and I had a limited amount of cash so I needed to decide, hence the amount of time spent.
 But I am happy, now I can relax for the next 2-3 years of bad fashion.
I feel guilty I haven't finished the red silk and beads bracelet on the other hand...
Red silk and beads bracelet
 But I will do it tomorrow, after the second run to the shops, yes, I still have things to buy!

Friday, August 5

Turquoise petals earrings - 16 of 366 creative days

I have done these turquoise flower shaped earrings cause I wanted some testing with some beads I made a while ago and some rings. The end result is cute(I really don't like this word but works here) but is not done, I need a solution to make those beads stay like that instead of spinning and slipping.
I thought of some idea but none was easy but I think I will use the less "invasive" - liquid clay.
Turquoise earrings

I keep looking at all those nice jewelry made by others and ask myself if is easy for them or they got to that result fast and without struggle? I hope the answer is no, cause what I imagine and what I get with this polymer clay are not same and everything seem so hard, every time I find a way to do something at least 2-3 problems show up that need fixing. I wish would be an easy way of doing everything. I think everyone wants that...

Thursday, August 4

Textured patterns - 15 of 366 creative days

 I made several textured pattern insertions cause I wanted to extend the polymer clay disk earrings I have done, and make them easier, more solid and eventually a necklace with same double colour.
Textured patterns
  The third I plan using on a sea creature I will try to make, will be a great pendant if I can make it right.

 Thank you!
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