Wednesday, August 31

Another Pattern day - 42 of 366 creative days

  Was a bit busy day cause I spent most of my time browsing trough other people palettes and template patterns and play with their colors. But I came out with pretty nice patterns as well.
  And I also realized that I long as I find these pattern and palettes browsing useful, I don't feel guilty I spend my creative time in there.
  And is it really useful: I can create new color palettes, I can test them on various types of patterns, I can find inspiration for any polymer clay or other crafting project in the future. I can see what colors are the most popular. I am even thinking of buying the Seameless patterns program to create my own pattern templates before actually starting to craft them, as a design choice, to color test before and find what is the best choice without wasting materials.

    I will see, not sure if I want to invest more money after so much I have spent in the last two months on materials without making a single penny out of it.

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