Thursday, August 4

Textured patterns - 15 of 366 creative days

 I made several textured pattern insertions cause I wanted to extend the polymer clay disk earrings I have done, and make them easier, more solid and eventually a necklace with same double colour.
Textured patterns
  The third I plan using on a sea creature I will try to make, will be a great pendant if I can make it right.

 Thank you!


KalpanaS said...

I liked the textured effects - reminded me of pretty fossils. Having just blogged about Tanaka's lines and circles, it was interesting to see these shapes in a different medium, like yours.

Diana said...

Indeed, the third is supposed to look like a fossil, and a I have a feeling you will like the colors I will choose, a blue-turquoise neon and darker electric blue on the outer sides, or I hope I can make it look like that.

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