Wednesday, August 10

Cinnabar hallow bead with polymer clay - 21 of 366 creative days

  I don't like the red color in particular, but I like the cinnabar bead since I got one for my birthday when I was 9-10 years old, don't remember for sure. Looked very nice, hand sculpted with flowers, about 1 cm size, but I lost it. From what I know is been forbidden to make cinnabar cause the process of making it is harmful.
  I searched a bit and I started the color from a book of Irene Semanchuk, that said to add 6 parts fuchsia and 1 part yellow and a pinch of black, and that was a total failure and far from the cinnabar color. So I tried to reach that color on my own random way just with my memory of that bead(I know is insane but...). So I added more yellow and tempera red color but the end result isn't that pleasing, should have been more intense red and slightly crimson then it is now.
   But I couldn't wait any longer cause I wanted to try the polymer clay cinnabar hollow bead idea I had by using wax( I have plenty of that).
Cinnabar hallow bead and flower beads
 I applied some molds on the polymer clay layer I placed on the wax bead and I hand carved it after curing, was quite easy cause the polymer clay is softer than wood. The smaller beads are done using molds.

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