Sunday, August 14

PMC fall metallic petals - 25 of 366 creative days

  I am sick and tired of browsing trough polymer clay artists pages and feel so low. I always forget that they work with polymer clay for over 5-6, some even for 14 years and they have a lot of tools, some of them professional, tons of molds, texture sheets, PMC color mixing charts and many more.
  So I decided to start doing some testing for myself. So I went by using the extreme way, alcohol and fire. Not a very smart idea since Polymer clay is very toxic when is burned it gets smoky and emanates hydrochloride gas. Was fun anyway, even now I have a slight headache and sore throat.
   In the end I played a bit with one of the failed molds I have done today and came out with these polymer clay fall colored metallic petals.

PMC fall metallic petals
  Why I said failed mold project, because I came with an idea to make molds and texture sheets in a cheaper way by not using polymer clay or two parts silicon, but the sealant type of silicon you can find in store for 2 euros/300ml. Unfortunately due to a miscalculation I ended up with a bigger extruder gun and no molds or textures. So it wasn't a total loss after all.

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