Thursday, August 18

Polymer clay "surprise" earrings - 29 of 366 creative days

  So far polymer clay "surprise" earrings are my favorite idea and I plan to expand it in the future. It started in the fourteenth day, but changed a bit after baking. I tend to complicate things. instead of using boring knots as stoppers for disks I've hand made some 8 shaped flat hoops from gold wire that I sneaked into the kumihimo braid.

Polymer clay "surprise" earrings
Polymer clay copper - teal earrings

     Surprise comes from the double faces, they offer a different feel on each side, old copper a bit monotonous on one side and blue-teal yellow, vivid and sand rock texture on the other side. You can see the second face in a discreet manner.
    Due to the rings system, with a simple pliers you can move the hook from one end to another and wear then with any side you want. You can even used them like I showed them in the photo. I never agreed with the idea that the earrings need to be identical, if you can keep the balance, why not different earrings?!
     I will work more on these two ideas in the future!

Color mix recipes can be found here:

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