Friday, September 9

Diet red velvet cake diet cream cheese frosting - 51 of 366 creative days

   I did it, I have been veeery creative!  If you want the recipe, use this link Diet Red Velvet with Diet Cream Cheese Frosting!!!

Diet red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
Diet red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

  I played a bit with the colors just for fun and I admit was worth it! My daughter refused the mix made from red velvet cake crumbs with cream cause they are "ugly" and she wanted "blue cake". But not more than one cause she needs real sugar And I made normal ones for her, but less better looking.

  So here is the story! And here is the recipe: diet red velvet cake with diet cream cheese frosting.

  I like sweets, my mom did a lot of them all the time, she hated doing donuts and all the normal pastry, but she enjoyed doing creamy cakes and this kind of sweets. But she always did the base cakes a bit dry and hard so she can moisten them with fruit home made syrup sauce. She enjoyed experimenting new recipes but she never followed the recipe as it should and always something failed and in the end all looked like crap, but still the cakes taste was amazing, so we use to say that "it doesn't matter if will drip on the floor, we will eat it from there as well so we don't waste a tasteful desert"
   But few years back I saw the "Cake Boss", a reality show about artful and delicious cakes made by Buddy Valastro and his team. Eatable art, I tell you! And asked myself, how the hell they could say is delicious when they don't put syrup in the cake, isn't that dry? Cause it need to be dry to hold so many kilos of cream cheese and decoration and also the fondant. I searched over internet a bit but no recipe found until last week I found a recipe on of his velvet red cake with cream cheese frosting -  If you are into cooking and deserts you should check the rest of the 10 recipes unraveled for the celebration, I know I will.
  As for my recipe diet red velvet recipe with cream cheese frosting, I changed some things to make it a diet cake, replacing the sugar, less flour. I will change it a bit more probably next time I will make it.

  Ah, yes, how they did it, well, the result is a cake so moist that it doesn't need syruping, is actually melting in your mouth, and frosting is so light and soft...I discovered a new world of sweets, I tell you, a new dimension.

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