Monday, September 12

Six more palettes - 54 of 366 creative days

I have done more palettes, few of them made using other people colors. I will post my favorites here. The first one are the colors from the red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting.



   My favorite palettes is the one called "gypsies". It reminds me of the childhood days, when I was staying at my grandmother from my mother's side, in front of her courtyard on a wooden bench and the gypsies that made cooking pots and cooking items came on the street trying to sell them.
  The females wearing long and very colorful, even in several layers skirts. The number of layers was so big they could usually steal a chicken and place it under it without everyone even notice it was there. An the colors, oh my, just crazy, no skirt looked like the other, they been like a wave of color.
  The men wearing black hats with a large brim and the older ones had very big mustaches. Quite impressive.

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